China National Commission for Disaster Reduction
National Disaster Reduction Center of China
National Disaster Reduction Center of China(NDRCC) is one of leading scientific and technical centers to provide the support for government in addressing disaster-related issues by focusing on the whole cycle of disaster management.Through its more than decade development,NDRCC has built up its unique capacities by applying leading-edge technologies and other software resources to conduct the work in disaster preparedness, disaster reduction, emergency response, post-disaster rehabilitation and reconstruction. On the technical front, NDRCC has been applying space technology, unmanned airborne and other advanced tools to support data management, risk assessment,emergency response and post-disaster recovery. From the scientific perspective, NDRCC has gathered abundant experiences and formed series of procedures in undertaking policy research, advocacy campaign and educational activities to help both government and public in awareness rising and capacity-building. Now NDRCC has gained sound output capacities to be provided to meet both domestic needs and needs of overseas countries. During the last decade,NDRCC has successfully worked for the government on dealing with major nature disasters such as Wenchuan earthquake, Yushu earthquake, and helped with Australia with forest fire etc.

Introduction of NDRCC as below:

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